Indonesian Muslim Fashion

Shocked, that's the impression the subdistrict and Work Unit heads who originally invited to attend the ceremony in order to commemorate the anniversary of East Java province to 64, Monday (12/10). Apparently they didaulat to berkontes East Java-style busana muslim

Indeed the invitation to the Head and the Head of Work Unit no mention of this fashion contest. They are only required to attend with her mother with busana muslim Typical Gresik East Java. Be amazed as they take no lottery participants. Even some of them into spatial working with some even use the toilet just to mematut office-matut back. 

As performed by the Head Cerme, Billy Siswanto. Camat Cerme inaugurated in mid-October and was with his wife entered the room the first government work. He straightened back clothes just synchronize with a partner. After the ceremony, Clothing Contest page located at Gresik Regent dihelat office.

Although without adequate preparation and derencanakan only within 2 days, but the festive event was very visible and entertaining. This can be seen from the smiles that expands from the invitation of VIPs sitting dideretan Gresik Regent and Muspida complete.

Like a peragawan and models, each pair of participants running in begitru Cat walk with confidence. Figure men wore a white suit with a twist combined sarong and cap. While the visuals of women wearing the headscarf typical kebaya Gresik named 'veil gloves'. It is said that this veil is a veil sheath surrounding communities typical of Sunan Giri. Glove-shaped veil because it also functions as a luggage shop as to the market.

Duet kadis host of Public Works, Tasks and Head Husni Syarwanto Labor turns Saputro comment. Joke-joke funny fresh and delivered by both been known as an official 'Ngocol' in Gresik Regency. There are hurled to the participants so that some participants seemed unable to concentrate concentration and replaced with a smile collapsed.

Of these contests, the couple elected the head of the subdistrict no.urut 1 Cerme and wife with a value of 909, followed by runner-up achieved with no Sidayu Head 43 raffle with a total value of 896. While the place to be achieved by a pair of 3 No. 35 ie drawing Balongpanggang Head by collecting 894 value. (tbs, Gresik Regency Government Liaison)

White Abaya

After knowing eminence abaya, this time we will discuss the virtue of the white shirt. Almost all discussion of the following books from the Crown Courts, the paper Faishal bin 'Abduh Qo'id Hasyidi published by Science Press of Lights, Jogjakarta.

White shirt dress is the best. This is consistent with the hadith shahih diriwayatkan by Al-Imam Ahmad, that he shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said,

"Wear white clothes, for it is one of the clothing is the best."

White is the color of Honor, this is shown by Gabriel 'alaihissalam who came to the Prophet' alahis shalatu wasallam to this religion. He alaihissalam-termulia angel-like man who at the time it came with the shirt is white. As told by Umar bin Al Khattab radhiyallahu 'anhu,

"When we on the side of Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam in a day, suddenly appeared a white shirt which is very, very black hair, but not visible in the former Safar himself and not one of us who know ..." (HR Al-Bukhari)

The same is also seen by one of his friends in the Uhud war, as in the diriwayatkan Shahih Al Bukhari. Friends are telling stories,

"I saw two people dressed in white on the left and right shallallahu He alaihi wasallam in the Uhud war. I never saw them before and after. "

The definition here is Gabriel and Mika'il alahimassalam.

There is actually white with this? Scholars try to explain the character of white color with some description. Among them:

"Apparel white generally show attitudes tawadhu '(humility), not arrogant, not ujub, morals and all that good." (Aunul Ma'bud [11/75])

"Apparel is a white dress is clean and the most good. Dirt that will be least visible so that it will soon be erased, with different colors of the other. "(Hasyiyah An Nasa'I [8 / 205])

"Clothing is more white than other colored clothing, so be washed more often, because it becomes more pure, that is, the better, according to Syariat and human nature." (Tuhfatul Ahwadzi [8 / 76]).

Thus some explanation regarding the abaya and white. Hopefully the proofs that we noted in two brief articles into force us to practice what he loved by. Remember ASH said Sheikh Muqbil, although things are jibliyah Sunna, but when we amalkan with us based on the love of the Messenger of Allah, then this will get the reward Insya Allahu ta'ala.